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Executive Resource Professionals, or ERP, is a networking group like no other. With roughly 20 members, they have spent months and years getting to know their fellow professionals both personally and professionally so that when it comes time to make a referral it’s with complete trust and a depth of knowledge so that not only is it the right one — it’s the only one.

Because of that, the connection tends to be lasting – sometimes for years, and other times a professional lifetime.

Members are all high level executives. And there is little overlap of industries, meaning that if you are a banker, lawyer or accountant, you’re likely the only such profession in the group. “It’s for people who have already achieved a certain professional status and want to take it to the next level,” says Schiliro of PCSB Bank. “We form the lasting professional relationships that make a difference.”

Anthony J. Justic

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From left, Anthony Justic and Michael Schiliro of Executive Resource Professionals


“People who join are relationship-based, not transaction-based…”

Anthony JusticA founding member, and partner with Maier Markey and Justic LLP in White Plains